Tips For Getting Your Toddler To Keep Their Sunglasses On

Our little one’s eyes need protecting from the sun, as parents we know this….but our babies and toddlers? Not so much.

No matter how many pairs of uber cool sunglasses you buy, keeping their sunglasses on depends greatly on their mood that day. You just can’t get your child to keep their protective eyewear on for love nor money beyond the cute snap you got of them for the ‘gram. 

Very few parents introduce sunglasses to newborns, so when the time comes to take sunglasses seriously, it’s highly likely your little one will have their own mind, think they know best, and in their eyes, if they don’t want to wear their sunnies, then they just won’t!

Here are some of our tips to get your kids to enjoy wearing their sunglasses and keep them on! 

Put sunglasses on your newborn

newborn sunglasses

Our number one tip to keeping sunglasses on your child is to start the trend when they are newborns.
Newborns don’t know any different, everything you introduce is a first for them, so make their sunglasses a first too.
By the time they are toddlers they will be reaching for the sunnies before they head outside.


Get the right fitting sunglasses

toddler sunglasses that fit

Sunglasses that don’t fit are going to be uncomfortable. Having the right sized sunglasses will make all the difference. Too big, and they’ll fall off. Too small and your child will likely want to rip them off their little face quicker than you can get out of the door! 


Offer praise!

get baby to wear sunglasses

Everyone likes to be told how super cool they look, this includes your child. When you put sunglasses on your toddler, go overboard with the praise, show them in the mirror how good sunglasses make them look. 


Get rid of the mystery

baby holding henrays sunglasses

Letting your toddler play with their super cool sunglasses (supervised, OF COURSE) will take the mystery away from them versus if you only got them out when you’re going outside. 

Buy Henrays

henrays baby sunglasses

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