At Henrays, our mission will always be to create and offer products that enable your little ones to live and breathe our mantra - living a free life full of inspiration, fulfillment and positivity with a strong passion for the outdoors.

We were inspired to create high quality, stylish & UV protective sunglasses for babies and children after having our first child, Henry. When you think about it, who goes outdoors as an adult without their sunglasses right? It seemed only fair that he too should have access to the comfort and protection of sunglasses and live life outdoors, squint free.

Fast forward a couple of months and now he has his very own Henrays to wear at the beach, park or when exploring around outdoors. And let me tell you, what a difference they make to his comfort when out in the sunshine. He can now explore the great outdoors without a care in the world, just as we intended.

From here, everything else started falling in to place and now we are proud to offer our beautiful range of sunglasses from our baby to yours.

Be sure to follow us @henrays_ on Instagram to stay up to date with our journey.

Much love, the team at Henrays!

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